30-inch Fusible PVC® pipe used for HDD crossing of the Halifax River

Date:July 2017
Market:Municipal Infrastructure Rehabilitation
Capability:   New Pipelines
Brand:Underground Solutions
Location:United States

An estimated 71,300 people live over 90 square miles in Daytona Beach, located in eastern Volusia County, Florida. All of the sanitary sewer flow from the city’s beachside service area flows through an existing 24-inch subaqueous force main, crossing the Halifax River to the city’s Bethune Point wastewater treatment facility. In 2016, a capacity analysis report recommended replacing the aging force main to provide significantly more flow capacity and improved reliability.

The city hired McKim & Creed, Inc. to design the replacement force main. Initially, five different alignments, each involving the installation of a 30-inch force main using horizontal directional drilling (HDD), were considered for the Halifax River crossing. The recommended HDD alignment was straight, with drill entry on the east side of the Halifax River and drill exit on the west. This alignment was selected because the straight alignment reduced installation difficulty, was the most direct route to the Bethune Point Wastewater Treatment Plant andit allowed for the longest pipe staging area. The engineer evaluated alternative piping materials for the HDD segment and selected 30-inch DR 21 Fusible PVC® pipe, based on allowable safe pull force, hydraulic capacity (flow area and internal pressure capability), critical buckling capacity and compatibility with ductile iron fittings.

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