Infrastructure Solutions


The growing long-term demand for municipal pipeline rehabilitation is driving the market for Aegion’s Infrastructure Solutions technologies and services. Supporting this demand is the gap between the need and current spend at the local municipal level, which is not expected to close any time soon.

We are committed to maintaining our market leadership position in the rehabilitation of wastewater pipelines in North America by marketing our cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology, the largest source of Aegion’s consolidated revenues. We are also creating a diverse portfolio of emerging trenchless technologies to rehabilitate aging and damaged municipal pipelines as we look to grow our presence in the rehabilitation of the overall pressure pipeline market through both internal development and acquisitions. Today, we offer a portfolio of innovative solutions through our Insituform® CIPP, Tyfo® fiber-reinforced polymer, Tite Liner® high-density polyethylene liner and Fusible PVC® pipe technology. Our international strategy is to use a blend of third-party product sales and CIPP contract installation operations in select markets. A key to the overall success of this strategy is a continuing focus on improving productivity to reduce costs and increase efficiencies across the entire value chain from engineering, manufacturing and installation of our technology-based solutions.

A large part of our strategy for the Infrastructure Solutions Platform includes the use of pressure pipe technologies in the municipal market. Explore the links below to learn more about how Aegion companies use innovative pressure pipe technologies to help communities maintain their pipeline infrastructure. 

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CIPP Design Guide

Our CIPP Design Guide can help you calculate the estimated CIPP liner thickness for your project.