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United Pipeline Systems offers a variety of products and services. Browse the literature below to find the right application for your needs.


Tite Liner®
Our flagship thermoplastic system protects pipelines from a varietyof chemicals and abrasives through a broad range of temperatures andpressures.


CRA Welded Connection
Our CRA welded connection allows for connections without the use of flanges.


United Pipeline Systems Products and Services
We have a wide range of products in diameters 2 to 52 inches with operating pressures exceeding 5,000 psi.


Rotational Lining Solutions
Rotational lining is a technology which allows us to bond a polymer layer to the interior of virtually any metallic structure.


PreFIT™ Tite Liner® System
The PreFIT™ Tite Liner® system is a new product offering of pre-lined pipe with a range of supporting end connectors.


Tite Liner® HC
This custom lined pipe system provide a corrosion resistant solution, even in the harshest environments.


Tite Liner® Municipal
Geared for the municipal market, this system helps water companies and municipalities reduce disruption to traffic and the general public during the installation process.


Tite Liner® RT
This product is specifically designed for the severe conditions present in oil & gas and industrial environments. 

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The Aegion Technology Review (formerly the Corrosion Engineering Review) is Aegion's annual magazine publication highlighting special projects, new product development and company achievements around the world.