HDPE Lining Case Studies

We work around the world lining critical pipelines for the oil & gas, industrial, mining and municipal markets. Check out the case studies below to see how the Tite Liner® system has been implemented for a variety of applications.

HDPE Lining Case Studies


City of Laramie Opts for Tight-Fitting Solution

The Tite Liner® system is usesd to rehabilitate a 20-inch coal tar-coated internally lined steel drinking water transmission pipeline in Laramie, Wyoming.

offshore thermoplastic pipe lining

United Completes Longest Ever Tite Liner® Installation

Pipeline rehabilitation specialists United Special Technical Services (USTS) completed the longest-ever continuous compression fit Liner insertion project in its history.


Rehabbing a 150-old water main in the heart of Manhattan

In 2008 and 2009, Aegion rehabilitated more than 10,000 feet of 48-inch water main beneath New York City’s Madison Avenue, one of the world’s busiest streets.

HDPE lining

Internal Corrosion Control of Steel Pipelines Addressed at Underground Hydrocarbon Storage Facility in Mexico

A recent project to replace a brine handling system allowed Pemex to permanently address corrosion and abrasion issues using the Tite Liner® thermoplastic system.

hdpe pipe lining

Tite Liner® Valley Forge Emergency Repair Project

When a force main suffered a major failure in Valley Forge National Park in Pennsylvania, Tredyffrin Township pledged to immediately repair or replace the pipeline.

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