Pipe Technical Data References

fusible pvc
  1. HDPE information and calculations are based on AWWA C906-99 and cross-referenced with Performance Pipe Product Catalog for actual availability and published criteria. All data reflects a published size of pipe by Performance Pipe, therefore some AWWA specified sizes and DRs are not included.
  2. PVC dimensions (minimum wall thickness and outside diameter) are per AWWA C900. Sewer pipe dimensions are per ASTM D3034 and ASTM F679. IPS sizing is per ASTM D2241. Schedule Sizing is per ASTM D1785.
  3. PVC safe pull stress of 2,800 PSI is based on the minimum cell classification value of 7,000 PSI for short term tensile strength [ASTM D1784] and a safety factor of 2.5. HDPE safe pull stress is based on the published value for a 12 hour duration of 1,100 PSI for PE3608 and 1,150 PSI for PE4710 [Handbook of Polyethylene Pipe, 2nd Edition].
  4. PVC and HDPE safe pull forces are based on minimum wall thickness and the safe pull stresses as calculated per Note 3.
  5. PVC weights are based on an average of the extruder's recorded weights, if available. If no information available, weight is estimated per PPI TR-7 2000, using average wall thickness and densities of plastics at 73° F. HDPE weights are based on average wall thicknesses, per PPI TR-7 2000.
  6. Maximum Working Pressures are per AWWA C900 and AWWA C906 at 73° F.
  7. Critical Buckling Pressures are calculated using the Modulus of Elasticity (400,000 PSI for PVC and 28,200 PSI for HDPE), and published Poisson's Ratio for the given material [Unibell Handbook of PVC, 5th Edition & Handbook of Polyethylene Pipe, 2nd Edition]. No safety factor is included in the calculation for Critical Buckling Pressures for PVC or HDPE.
  8. Bend Radius calculations are based on the assumption that a fitting or flange is present/to be installed in the bend. The Bend Radius for PVC is calculated using 250 times the outside diameter of the pipe, which includes a safety factor of 2.5 that is specific to bending [Unibell Handbook of PVC, 5th Edition]. HDPE Bend Radius is calculated using 100 times the outside diameter of the pipe, which includes a safety factor of 2.0 that is specific to bending [AWWA Manual M55, 1st Edition].
  9. The pressure ratings shown in some UGSI proposals are per AWWA C900-07. Delivered pipe may be AWWA C900-97 with marked pressure class conforming to that standard.

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