Specialty Exchanger Services

refinery maintenance

We offer a full range of heat exchanger equipment and maintenance services and a comprehensive approach to extracting and inserting heat exchanger bundles up to 80 tons. Our patented Fast DrawSM and Aerial Fast DrawSM technologies reduce the need for cranes, which can reduce bundle extraction and re-insertion time by up to 80 percent. Our Fast DrawSM has extracted more than 60,000 heat exchangers without a single lost-time injury.

If heat exchanger air or water cleaning is an area of interest for your facility, fast clean is the optimum solution.

Turnkey exchanger services include installation of all blinding, plus:

  • Bolt tensioning
  • Extraction services for heat exchangers
    • Aerial fast draw extractors
      • Can remove bundles at any height
    • Fast draw truck-mounted extractors
      • Offloading drums hold load bundles on dolly trailers, minimizing the use of cranes and additional personnel
      • Variable-length carriage frames with over 50 tons of pulling capacity
  • Management of all exchangers at cleaning slab
  • Large fleet of specialty equipment
  • Larger fleet of specialty tool trailers

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