Fibrwrap Construction, Inc. specializes in the application of advanced composite systems for the rehabilitation of large-diameter pipelines. Founded in 1988 to assist in the development of Fyfe Company's Tyfo® system, Fibrwrap Construction has performed structural upgrades on over 6,000 projects worldwide.

At Fibrwrap, our employees are our number one asset. Our team works together every day to provide our clients the best possible service on every project and is committed to excellence. Fibrwrap provides turnkey, cost-effective pipeline retrofit using fiber-reinforced polymers.

Fibrwrap Construction

8690 Red Oak Street
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

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Fyfe Company is ISO-certified and the manufacturer of FRP products and strengthening systems.

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Fibrwrap Construction uses the Tyfo® FRP system to rehabilitate and strengthen pipelines.