cathodic protection

Hockway is one of the most experienced suppliers of both impressed current and sacrificial cathodic protection systems for offshore oil and gas facilities worldwide. Our systems can be found on oil and gas production platforms, subsea pipelines, FPSOs and flowlines as well as protecting vessels and marine installations. We understand more about extending the life of marine structures and are one of the few companies who have been around long enough to see our work succeed.

With over 35 years of global experience protecting marine assets from corrosion, our deeper understanding of corrosion engineering and a suite of first class cathodic protection and shielding products enable our customer's structures to last longer. And because systems that are truly designed to last well into the future need the highest standards and exacting attention to detail, we have the facilities to carry out every aspect of our operation in-house. 

In addition to protecting marine structures, the Hockway team is also working to develop systems for offshore wind farms and the renewable energy sector.



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