Corrpro Europe Engineering

cathodic protection

Corrpro Europe's engineering division consists of a team of experienced professional engineers with competence in cathodic protection, metallurgy, electrical & electronic systems. All engineers are either NACE International and or ICorr certificated. Corrpro also has a core team of ICorr certificated technicians who can undertake a range of specialised cathodic protection surveys that may be required pre- and post-installation or as part of routine maintenance schedules.

Corrpro is a leading provider of design, supply and installation of cathodic protection systems and induced AC & DC interference mitigation systems. Our diverse experience enables us to cost-effectively take on the toughest challenges, particularly for the design and construction for today’s corrosion technologies. Our solutions extend the life of assets, minimise maintenance & replacement costs and achieve compliance with regulations.

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Our engineering division offers turnkey cathodic protection and antifouling systems for capital projects from initial feasibility studies to final commissioning. Our services and solutions ensure protection worldwide of buried and immersed metallic structures from corrosion including:


  • Pipelines (land, immersed, river crossings, marine)
  • Jetties, wharves & quay walls
  • Offshore structures – platforms, jackets, semi-submersibles
  • Life extension for offshore structures
  • Refineries & process plant
  • Onshore terminals
  • Wind farms
  • Pumps, caissons & risers offshore
  • Water treatment plant
  • Steel piling
  • Aboveground water and oil storage tanks
  • Buried or mounded LPG vessels
  • Power stations
  • Heat exchangers & calorifiers
  • Steel reinforcing in concrete - bridges, jetties, building


Engineering Services Key Contacts

Zsolt Ronafalvi MSc, NACE CP Specialist
Director Sales & Marketing:

Chris Lynch B Eng, M.ICorr Level III
Engineering Manager:

Dean Covell
Senior Engineer

Rod Metcalf
Senior Engineer