Cathodic Protection Case Studies

cathodic protection

For more than 30 years, Corrpro has provided cathodic protection and other services to prevent corrosion on pipelines and other structures. Check out some of our projects to learn how we can help you with your cathodic protection needs.

Corrpro Case Studies

cathodic protection

Going to Great Heights to Project Infrastructure

Aegion’s Corrosion Protection inspection group consists of NACE and SSPC trained coatings inspectors who will go just about anywhere to inspect a coating application project. One of our more interesting assignments was a recent overcoat painting project atop antenna towers.

CP for telecom

Cathodic Protection for Telecom Towers

Telecommunication towers around the world allow millions of wireless service users to communicate. These towers are an essential component in our daily lives – both personally and professionally. Learn how Corrpro protected these towers from corrosion on a project in Canada.


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