Fyfe Company Offers Virtual Tyfo Systems Training to Contractors, Engineers and Inspectors

Experience, training and attention to detail are vital to a successful fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) project. For contractors, engineers and inspectors interested in improving their structural observation skills of FRP products in the civil industry, Fyfe Company is now offering live, online training events.

Each class provides in-depth training on how the Tyfo® Systems are installed, as well as on-site testing, installation techniques, defect repairs and other quality-control activities.


Here is what some of the graduates have to say about their Fyfe training experience:



"As a special inspector we are qualified to inspect FRP. I was impressed with the thorough coverage of

your materials and quality control requirements. Your training program will be another tool in our toolbox.

I will be sending more of my inspectors to you for training."


“I have installed other FRP systems and was skeptical about the value of Fyfe Training

but it was a really great training opportunity and we definitely gained a lot from it.

I look forward to working with you in the future!”


"I want to reiterate how confident I am with the progress that I have seen from my group over the last few days …

the training provided by the Fyfe team and the practical exercises have gone exceptionally well. I’m confident that this will be reflected in the results of our application."



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