Aegion Celebrates World Trenchless Day 2020

As a pioneer in the field of trenchless technology and an industry leader, Aegion is proud to join industry colleagues and advocates in celebration of World Trenchless Day 2020. Recognized annually on the fourth Thursday in September, the event was created to increase awareness of the benefits and value trenchless options provide to customers and communities.

Trenchless technology, also referred to as no-dig construction, is an alternative and complement to traditional open-cut construction methods with major benefits: 

Environmentally friendly – Using specialized equipment, underground infrastructure is installed, repaired or replaced with minimal ecological disturbance. Infrastructure can be installed under buildings, forests, wetlands and even bodies of water.

Minimal disturbance to surroundings – No one likes their home, business or morning commute to be affected by construction. The footprint for a trenchless construction zone is smaller and often done in an existing right of way.

Decreased rehabilitation time – Because trenchless construction methods require little digging, the time to rehabilitate the work area is decreased.

Saves time – With decreased disturbance, projects using trenchless methods take less time to complete. Less time means fewer inconveniences associated with a construction project.

Saves money – Because projects can be completed in less time – including prep and restoration – with decreased disturbance, projects that incorporate trenchless save money.

Today and every day, we applaud the dedication to safety and the best possible results demonstrated by Aegion employees. The trenchless rehabilitation of America’s aging infrastructure is a task we are proud to help undertake to bring the best quality water and wastewater services to communities worldwide.

Happy World Trenchless Day!

World Trenchless Day 2020