No-Dig 2019 Presentation Schedule

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Monday, March 18              

Title: Calumet Intercepting Sewer
Time: 9:55 AM              
Presenters: Frederick Wu (Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago) and Kevin Coburn (Insituform)

East Central Regional Water Reclamation Facility (ECRWRF) Biosolids 30-in. RAS Twin Pipe Rehabilitation      
Time: 4:10 PM              
Presenters: Andrew Costa (Insituform) and Ethan Heijn (Hazen and Sawyer)

Title: Jasper Water & Sewer Authority Installs Multiple High-Risk HDDs with Proven Procurement Method    
Time: 4:35 PM              
Presenters: Brian Chemsak (Beaufort Jasper Water and Sewer Authority), Chris Burke (Hussey, Gay Bell, and DeYoung) and Sara Maloney (Underground Solutions)

Tuesday, March 19

Title: HDD under Pearl Harbor Provides Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam with the New Water Supply Line 
Time: 9:15 AM              
Presenters: Devin Nakayama (Yogi Kwong Engineers), Richard Botteicher (Underground Solutions), Andrew Amuro (Fukunaga & Associates, Inc.) and Marvin Lee (Underground Solutions)

Title: Improving Internal Service Connection Reinstatement in CIPP Lined Water Mains   
Time: 10:20 AM           
Presenters: George Bontus (Aegion) and Richard Baxter (Insituform)

Title: When Capital Improvement Plans Align: How Moorhead Public Service Collaborates with the City of Moorhead for Effective Water Main Replacement   
Time: 11:10 AM          
Presenters: Kristofer Knutson (Moorhead Public Service), Jade Berube (Apex Engineering Group) and June Baterina (Underground Solutions)

Title: The Environmentally Sensitive Boca Ciega Bay 4200' Force Main Replacement: Taming HDD Technology              
Time: 3:30 PM     
Presenters: Francisco J. Bohorquez (AECOM), David Wilcox (AECOM), Mathew Francis (AECOM), Dennis Simpson (Pinellas County, Florida), Dinesh Kamath (Pinellas County, Florida), Dalas Lamberson (TLC Diversified, Inc.) and David Hunniford (Underground Solutions)

Title: Denver Water Turns to Sliplining to Renew Century-Old Transmission Main             
Time: 5:10 PM              
Presenters: Martin Garcia (Denver Water), Rachel Maupin (Underground Solutions) and Stephen Austin (Underground Solutions)


Wednesday, March 20

Title: CO2 Pipeline in Mexico uses New Connection Method with HDPE System              
Time: 8:25 AM              
Presenters: Sean Borris (Aegion) and Alex Gutierrez (Miller Pipeline)

Title: Water Agency in North Suburban Chicago Adds Six Communities to System Using Mix of Open Trench and Trenchless Construction 
Time: 8:50 AM     
Presenters: William Soucie (Central Lake County Joint Action Water Agency), Amrou Atassi (CDM Smith), Daniel Christensen (Underground Solutions), Jared Wendorf (CDM Smith), Marvin Lee (Underground Solutions)

Title:  Local Utilities Relocate Assets Via HDD Prior to FDOT Expansion  
Time: 9:15 AM              
Jim Anderson (Baskerville Donovan, Inc.), James Brannon (Polyengineering, Inc.), Sara Maloney (Underground Solutions)

Title: The Evolution of Carbon Fiber CIPP (CFCIPP) for Small Diameter Potable Water & Fire Suppression Systems        
Time: 9:15 AM              
Dr. Amber Wagner, P.E. (Aegion), Ian Lancaster (Aegion) and Dr. Medhi Zarghamee, P.E. (Simpson Gumpertz & Heger)

Title: Optimized CFRP Design at Intermountain Power Results in a Successful Installation
Time: 9:40 AM              
Jeff Beck (Fyfe Company), Amber Wagner (Aegion) and Tomas Jimenez (Fyfe Co.)

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