Corrosion Protection Platform

Corrosion Protection has a broad portfolio of technologies and services to protect and monitor oil and gas pipelines from the effects of corrosion in North America and other parts of the world.  The market demand for these products and services is being driven by worldwide capital and maintenance investments in global pipeline infrastructure that are required to transport oil and gas from onshore and offshore fields to the end markets. 

We provide best-in-class cathodic protection systems, pipeline inspection, interior pipe linings, interior and exterior pipe coatings and insulation as well as pipeline repair capabilities.  These solutions enhance the safety, environmental integrity, reliability and compliance of our customer’s oil, gas and mining pipelines.

There are over one million miles of regulated pipelines in North America, where Corrosion Protection’s operations are concentrated and which remains the safest and most cost effective mode of oil and gas transmission. Working with a broad array of sophisticated customers, we design and install cathodic protection systems to help prevent pipeline corrosion, which represents a majority of the revenues and profits for the segment. We also provide inspection services to monitor these systems and detect early signs of corrosion.