Structural Reinforcement and Strengthening for concrete structures

Structural Reinforcement and Strengthening

Fyfe Company is the manufacturer of Tyfo® products and Fibrwrap®  strengthening systems.  The Fyfe group, which includes a global network of certified applicators, are global leaders in the use of externally bonded fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) systems for the strengthening, repair and restoration of masonry, concrete, steel and wooden structures. 

Fibrwrap Construction is a complete, turnkey source for structural repair, strengthening and restoration of buildings, bridges, pipelines, waterfront structures, etc.  Fibrwrap Construction has developed specialized capabilities for force protection applications.  Fibrwrap Construction offers over 20 years of experience in assisting owners, architects, engineers, and general contractors and has successfully completed over 6,000 projects. 

Fyfe Company and Fibrwrap Construction are wholly owned subsidiaries of Aegion Corporation. 

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More information about the Fibrwrap® system can be found at

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