fusible PVC

Fusible PVC

PVC has a long and successful history as water and sewer pipe. It is durable, corrosion resistant, resistant to chemicals, strong, inexpensive and familiar to the industry. Underground Solutions, Inc. (UGSI), part of Aegion's Infrastructure Solutions platform, provides infrastructure technologies for water, sewer and conduit applications. UGSI's Fusible PVC® products; Fusible C-900®, Fusible C-905®, FPVC® and Duraliner™, as well as ServiceGuard® Composite Pipe, represent the most innovative approach to pipeline rehabilitation and installation in the past decade.

Traditional PVC pipe is joined by push on mechanical joints (bell and spigot) that seal via an embedded elastomeric gasket. Installation error, certain soil conditions and poor design can result in mechanical joint leakage. Additionally, new money saving trenchless installation methods such as horizontal directional drilling (HDD), sliplining and pipe bursting have become standard installation techniques that cannot be used with traditional bell and spigot PVC pipe.

Traditionally, trenchless installation practitioners have been reliant on another thermoplastic pipe - high density polyethylene (HDPE) - due to the inability of bell and spigot PVC (and ductile iron) pipe to be used in these cost saving installation techniques.

Underground Solutions developed Fusible PVC® pipe with its patent-pending formulation and patented fusion process to have all the best characteristics of classic PVC, plus fusibility - for use in both trenchless and traditional open-cut projects.

Fusible C-900®, Fusible C-905® and Fusible PVC® pipes from UGSI are the only fusible polyvinyl chloride pressure pipes on the market, and they are the only PVC pipes that have a joint as strong as the pipe. These products are also NSF-61 certified and have been extensively tested by UGSI, and by leading independent laboratories which have comprehensive experience in plastic pipe testing. Fusible C-900®, Fusible C-905® and FPVC® have successfully passed all relevant tests and exceed industry requirements in many cases.

Butt-fusion joints with Fusible C-900®, Fusible C-905® and Fusible PVC® are as strong as the pipe which allows the fused PVC to be pulled in tension in lengths of thousands of feet at a time. Advantages of Fusible PVC® include:

  • PVC is currently the most widely utilized pipe material in the United States
  • Fusible PVC® pipe provides a monolithic, fully restrained, gasket free, leak-free piping system
  • PVC has superior stiffness (modulus) compared to other plastic pipe which limits long term deformation under soil load
  • High tensile strength (ASTM D638) of the fused joint (up to 7000 psi) allows for higher safe pulling stresses and consequently longer installation pull-in lengths
  • Low wall thickness for given pressure requirement translates into highest flow per outer diameter (OD) dimension
  • Fusible PVC® has a specific gravity of 1.38 - it will not float in a flooded trench
  • PVC material properties have low time dependencies - the properties do not change over time - no pull-in relaxation period for example
  • Standard waterworks fittings are used to tap, connect and change direction on Fusible PVC® pipe systems - eliminating the use of expensive transition fittings or fused-on fittings
  • PVC resists hydrocarbon permeation better than other thermoplastic pipe systems (AWWA Research Foundation)
  • PVC is more resistant to water disinfectant induced oxidation than other thermoplastic pipe systems
  • PVC has been used for over 50 years - owner and contractor familiarity of the pipe is well established

For more information on fusible PVC and related products, please visit the Underground Solutions website.

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