Fyfe bridge

Concrete Services

Aegion companies provide a variety services for concrete including structural reinforcement for concrete structures, cathodic protection systems for corrosion prevention, and rehabilitation for concrete pipelines. Click the links at the right to learn more about the concrete services provided by the Aegion family of companies.

Cathodic Protection

Corrpro Companies provide extensive corrosion engineering services and cathodic protection materials for steel reinforced concrete structures, including bridges, parking garages, buildings and marine structures such as piers and wharves. Our fully qualified staff provides engineering, research, inspection and other consulting services from our worldwide offices.

CIPP Pipe Rehabilitation

Since 1971, Insituform Technologies has been a leader in cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technologies for pipeline rehabilitation. CIPP provides a structural solution for your pipeline needs without the digging and damage of traditional dig and replace solutions.

Structural Reinforcement

Fyfe Co. provides structural reinforcement with Fibrwrap®, a fiber-reinforced polymer system designed to provide added strength.

Concrete Solutions

Established in 1994, Concrete Solutions® serves the commercial, industrial, utility and domestic markets. Significant projects have been completed at numerous historical and high profile buildings and structures throughout New Zealand. The company philosophy is simply one of quality; we guarantee application of the highest standard, using the best and most suitable products available for each project. Highly trained and experienced personnel, guaranteed workmanship and a customer focused approach makes Concrete Solutions® a leader in the concrete repair, strengthening and protection market.


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