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Safety & Quality

Aegion companies strive to provide consistent safety and quality throughout all aspects of business. Read below to find out more about our safety and quality practices.


From the corporate office to the field crews, safety is a cornerstone of the Aegion business plan. One of our five core values, ZERO INCIDENTS ARE POSSIBLE, embodies this effort. We dedicate substantial time and resources into the training that is necessary to complete your project without incident. Crew members from all Aegion companies complete extensive safety training and follow a site-specific safety plan. A large network of safety support individuals, including top management, focuses on company-wide safety improvements and procedures.

Our manufacturing and installation processes have been developed to achieve peak product performance and ensure safety. This promotes a foundation for safety that is at the root of the Aegion culture.


Another Aegion value states BE BETTER. We never settle for the status quo and strive each day to do better and to be better. This not only means satisfying our customers’ requirements today, but continuously improving the technology and materials for all products and services across our business segments.

Many of our companies are either ISO certified or ISO compliant.  This means we have in place documented management systems focused on fulfilling customer quality requirements, complying with regulator requirements, enhancing customer satisfaction and achieving continual improvement. These standards include design, manufacturing and various installation services.


You’ll notice the difference with our testing and tracking practices.

  • Fewer complaints
  • Higher reliability
  • Faster service
  • Lower costs
  • Better accountability
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