corrosion protection

Corrosion Protection Platform

Regulatory requirements often demand that energy and mining pipelines be coated and protected from corrosive and abrasive materials, extreme temperatures and other environmental risks. Storage tanks and other structures that come in contact with oil, gas and mining products face similar needs. Without monitoring and regular investment, mission-critical infrastructure risks leaks, failures, environmental damage and lost production. We build, maintain, protect and extend the life of pipelines and other critical energy and mining structures.

The companies in our Corrosion Protection platform offer leading technologies and solutions that span the life of the infrastructure - whether it's old or new, located aboveground or below, upstream or down, in deep ocean water or in remote locations. Our expertise includes cathodic protection systems, robotic coating solutions for internal and external joints, industry-standard fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coatings, complex deepwater insulations and HDPE lining systems.

Click here to view Aegion's 2015 Corrosion Engineering Review, containing a variety of case studies and product information on Aegion's Corrosion Protection platform.

Corrosion case studies

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