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Every day, people's lives and livelihoods depend on the operation of pipelines, refineries, roads, bridges, buildings and other infrastructure.

Aegion and its subsidiaries are in the business of making sure these structures last. We provide services and solutions to protect, strengthen and maintain them - inside and out - before, during and after construction. Our companies shield and protect the world's infrastructure from degradation and corrosion with a variety of technologies. Aegion's businesses comprise sewer, drinking water and energy and mining pipeline rehabilitation and corrosion protection for and strengthening of bridges, tunnels, buildings, waterfront, metal and concrete structures.

Browse our platforms to learn more about how Aegion companies protect infrastructure throughout the world: 

 infrastructure rehab and repair Our proven technologies provide a superior alternative for the rehabilitation and strengthening of municipal and industrial pipelines, as well as public and commercial structures worldwide.
 corrosion protection We safeguard the world's oil, gas and mining resources, including the integrity of the pipelines and other structures that transport and store them. 
 refinery maintenance With a best-in-class safety culture, we deliver engineering, procurement, construction maintenance and turnaround services to oil and gas facilities.
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