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Aegion is in the business of making sure infrastructure lasts. Since 1971, the Company has played a pioneering role in developing innovative solutions to rehabilitate aging infrastructure—primarily pipelines in wastewater, water, energy, mining and refining industries. Aegion also maintains the efficient pipeline operations of refineries and other industrial facilities and provides innovative solutions for the strengthening of buildings, bridges and other structures. Click HERE to explore Aegion's pressure pipe capabilities.

Throughout the world, we apply decades of experience to the installation, replacement, protection, maintenance and rehabilitation of the infrastructure which defines our society. We restore structural integrity to extend the useful lives of pipelines and protect other structures from the corrosive or abrasive effects of caustic substances. We also strengthen foundations against earthquakes and waterfront retaining walls from storm surges. In all cases, it means maximizing and protecting our customers’ investments and allowing them to do their jobs reliably over a longer period of time.

Aegion Corporation is publicly traded on the NASDAQ (AEGN). Please browse the links below to learn more about Aegion and its investment opportunities.

corrosion protection pipeline repair refinery work

Corrosion Protection has a broad portfolio of technologies and services to protect and monitor gas and oil pipelines from the effects of corrosion in North America and abroad. <<READ MORE>>

The growing long-term demand for pipeline rehabilitation is driving the demand for Aegion's Infrastructure Solutions technologies and services. <<READ MORE>>

Energy Services at Aegion provides cost-effective maintenance, turnaround and construction services to refineries, petrochemical and other facilities on the West Coast - where 75% of downstream activities relate to the maintenance of pipeline assets. <<READ MORE>>