Commercial & structural rehabilitation technologies for bridge corrosion prevention.

Commercial & Structural Rehabilitation

Buildings, roads, bridges and other structures are decaying and prime candidates for emerging Commercial & Structural Rehabilitation Technologies. Our newest platform includes companies that lead this market in innovation and installation of reinforcement and rehabilitation of structures.

The products and services of our Commercial & Structural Rehabilitation Technologies group provide structural strengthening, seismic protection and internal pipe repair. Visit our family of Commercial & Structural Rehabilitation Technologies companies to learn more about the products and services they provide.

Fyfe co                                                                                                                                     

Fyfe Company, is the manufacturer of Tyfo® products and Fibrwrap® strengthening systems. The Fyfe Group, which includes a global network of certified applicators, are global leaders in the use of externally bonded Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) systems for the strengthening, repair and restoration of masonry, concrete, steel and wooden structures.

More information about Fyfe and Fibrwrap® can be found at www.fyfeco.com and www.fibrwrap.com.